Giveaway: CHOCOLATE GAMES by Gamesformotion!

I have three words for you, folks.

Chocolate. Board games.

As in, board games made of chocolate.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Think of all those times you've been playing Monopoly and thought, "Hmm, this $200 for passing 'go' is nice, but I really wish I'd get some delicious chocolate instead." (Okay ... so even if you've never thought that before, I guarantee you're thinking it now. Because paper money and bragging rights are SO not as awesome as chocolate.)

Anyway, Gamesformotion has come up with a sweet spin on your favorite board games: chocolate editions! In an age where everybody seems to be playing stuff on their phones or video game consoles, it's nice to bring the family to the table for some of the classics. And nothing brings family to the table faster than the promise of chocolate.

The first game we played was, fittingly, Candyland. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Candyland, but instead of the cards, there were milk chocolate pieces - and that's something I can get on board with. We all had a really good time. Especially Colin, who won the grand prize: a huge chocolate token wrapped in shiny gold foil.

I was a little disappointed that the board itself was not made of chocolate, as I had visions of noshing my way through it single-handedly, but whatever. The chocolate pieces were delicious - they're made of the highest-quality Belgian chocolate.

These games are super-new to the U.S. market, and will be available for purchase next month at mass retail stores such as Target and CVS, select SuperValu stores, Kmart,, Meijer and Fred Meyer, Bed Bath & Beyond, and select smaller distributors. Starting at just $9.99, Gamesformotion has chocolate versions of SOOOO many classic favorite games - Twister, Pictionary, Clue, Battleship, Mr. Potato Head, and so many more. They would make PERFECT stocking stuffers ... or, you know, snacks to hide in your closet and eat by yourself when you're craving chocolate.

... Not that I'd know. Ahem.

Anyway, I'm giving away TWO of them (Scrabble and Guess Who?) so jump on this delicious chocolate bandwagon! Just leave a comment below telling me why you neeeeeeed a chocolate game in your life. I'll randomly select a winner one week from today - that's next Friday, October 24th!